Collocational Information for Terminological Purposes

By November 23, 2016,
Page 553-560
Author Elsabé Taljard
Title Collocational Information for Terminological Purposes
Abstract Traditionally, collocational information was sparsely, if at all, provided in terminological tools. This is particularly true for LSP dictionaries in paper format. One possible reason for this state of affairs is that LSP dictionaries had in the past often been compiled by subject field experts, who did not deem this kind of information as useful from a terminological point of view. This paper critically considers the importance of collocational information in terminological tools such as terminological databases, term banks and LSP dictionaries. It is argued that collocational information can assist the user on both conceptual and usage-related level and that such information is therefore of critical importance. Secondly, two methodologies for the identification of collocates, viz. introspection and corpus-based methods are compared, and it is concluded that access to huge amounts of real-life language data, also for LSP purposes, leads to insights which surpass those arrived at through introspection.
Session Lexicography for Specialised Languages, Terminology and Terminography
Keywords collocational information; corpus-based terminology; terminological database
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