Collocations Dictionary of Modern Slovene

Page 989-997
Author Iztok Kosem, Simon Krek, Polona Gantar, Špela Arhar Holdt, Jaka Čibej, Cyprian Laskowski
Title Collocations Dictionary of Modern Slovene
Abstract The paper presents the compilation of the Collocations Dictionary of Modern Slovene, a new resource targeting the language production needs of Slovene speakers. An important aspect of the compilation of the dictionary is the immediate publication of all the entries, from automatic, postprocessed, finalized by lexicographers and so on, and indicating to the users their status, i.e. the stage in the compilation process. Furthermore, we discuss the introduction of crowdsourcing into the lexicographic workflow. The paper also focuses the development and presentation of the interface, which introduces new approaches to collocation presentation. The aim was to develop a collocation-driven interface that would allow different types of users a great deal of flexibility and customizability in exploring collocational information about words. In this way, the interface represents a hybrid between a more corpus-based presentation of collocations (e.g. in tools such as Word Sketch) and a traditional sense-driven presentation of collocations as found in existing collocations dictionaries.
Session Software Demonstrations
Keywords collocations, dictionary, database, interface
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