Colocaciones léxicas en diccionarios generales monolingües del español

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1401-1408
Author Laura Romero Aguilera
Title Colocaciones léxicas en diccionarios generales monolingües del español
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to describe the way some of the Spanish general monolingual dictionaries published during the last twelve years have dealt with lexical collocations, that is, those combinations of words that present certain combinatorial restrictions in the norm, basically semantic restrictions, imposed by usage (Corpas 1996). These have been the analyzed dictionaries: Diccionario Salamanca de la lengua española, directed by Juan Gutiérrez (1996); Diccionario del español actual, by Manuel Seco, Olimpia Andrés y Gabino Ramos (1999); RAE's Diccionario de la Lengua Española (2001); and Gran diccionario de uso del español actual. Basado en el Corpus Cumbre, directed by Aquilino Sánchez (2001). We have based our research on a corpus of 52 lexical collocations, which has been built on the analysis of the subentries starting with b in the chosen dictionaries. After that, we have looked up the entries corresponding to each element that constitutes the collocation, in order to know if these dictionaries account for those same combinations in other parts of the lexicographical article. The analysis of the lexicographic information has focused on our aspects: a) the preliminary pages of each dictionary; b) the position of collocations in the lexicographic article; c) the inclusion of these units in a given article; and d) the grammatical category.
Session 8. Phraseology and Collocation
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