Commonly Confused Words in Contrastive and Dynamic Dictionary Entries

Page 187-197
Author Petra Storjohann
Title Commonly Confused Words in Contrastive and Dynamic Dictionary Entries
Abstract This paper discusses changes in lexicographic traditions with respect to contrastive dictionary entries and dynamic, on-demand e-lexicographic descriptions. The new German online dictionary Paronyme − Dynamisch im Kontrast is concerned with easily confused words (paronyms), such as effektiv/effizient and sensibel/sensitiv. New approaches to the empirical analysis and lexicographic presentation of words such as these are required, and this dictionary is committed to overcoming the discrepancy between traditional practice and insights from language use. As a corpus-guided reference work, it strives to adequately reflect not only authentic use in situations of actual communication, but also cognitive ideas such as conceptual structure, categorization and knowledge. Looking up easily confused lexical items requires contrastive entries where users can instantly compare meaning, contexts and reference. Adaptable access to lexicographic details and variable search options offer different foci and perspectives on linguistic information, and authentic examples reflect prototypical structures. These are essential in order to meet all the different interests of users. This paper will illustrate the contrastive structure of the new e-dictionary and demonstrate which information can be compared. It also focusses on various dynamic modes of dictionary consultation, which enable users to shift perspectives on paronyms accordingly.
Keywords paronyms, dynamic lexicography, contrastive entries, generating information on demand
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