Computer-aided Analysis of Idiom Modifications in German

Page 523-531
Author Elena Krotova
Title Computer-aided Analysis of Idiom Modifications in German
Abstract This paper deals with corpus approaches to the study of modifications of idiomatic expressions in German. It concentrates on one group of phraseological units, idioms. In spite of a high degree of stability, idioms still undergo different modifications. To get reliable results about idiom modifications, a large number of modified target structures is crucial. Therefore, a Python-program has been created that obtains information about the usage of idioms and about their possible modifications from a corpus. It also summarizes the data in the form of graphs. The report will look further into the program’s opportunities to acquire information about idiom usage, how idiom modifications correspond to the syntactic behavior of their paraphrases or free phrases containing the same verb as the idiom under discussion and in what ways such data can facilitate the work of a phraseologist.
Keywords corpus linguistics, phraseography, modifications of idiomatic expressions
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