Contrastive analysis of somatisms in English and Italian

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorÂngela Costa
TitleContrastive analysis of somatisms in English and Italian
AbstractWithin the vast and complex theme that is phraseology, my work will focus on somatisms: phraseological units that contain a reference to at least one part of the body. All human beings share this common instrument to perceive reality, so it is not surprising its influence upon language. To confirm if the body is seen and treated the same way by different languages, my work will address a phraseological corpus of English and Italian. On this work we will first present a survey of the most productive parts of the body in somatisms in English and in Italian and afterward we will analyze the differences and similarities between the two languages to finally draw some conclusions. I should also add that having just used the standard Italian and English, meant leaving aside many other phraseologies closely linked to culture of each region, but that alone could be the subject of another work.
SessionPapers that have been accepted, but not presented at the congress
Keywordsphraseology, somatisms, contrastive analyses, English, Italian
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