Corporate LSP Intranet Lexicography

By November 17, 2016,
Page 377-387
Author Henrik Køhler Simonsen
Title Corporate LSP Intranet Lexicography
Abstract In this article, I argue that a dual-focus approach is necessary in corporate LSP Intranet lexicography and that a far more active and holistic user approach is needed. The two primary parties involved in corporate LSP Intranet lexicography are the individual users and the corporation seen as a lexicographic community. Both parties make heavy demands on the lexicographic artifact. Therefore, on the one hand, the individual users cannot and must not be reduced to inarticulate constant factors, and, on the other hand, a constantly changing corporate or organizational environment cannot and must not be regarded as a static implementation site of little lexicographic interest. I also argue that this dual-focus approach and the potential of a corporation's Intranet as a lexicographic medium require new theoretical and conceptual considerations on the development and design of Intranet-based lexicographic reference works. The lexicographic considerations and principles developed during the TeleLex project are discussed, and the article shows how the two lexicographic principles lexicographic data convergence and lexicographic democracy are implemented in practice by means of a number ofselected screenshots from the Intranet-based lexicographic knowledge management system TeleLex.
Session Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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