Corpus-based Study of Collocations in the AAC

By November 17, 2016,
Page 85-95
Author Hanno Biber, Evelyn Breiteneder, Dmitrij Dobrovolskij
Title Corpus-based Study of Collocations in the AAC
Abstract The Austrian Academy Corpus (AAC) is a newly founded body based within the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. Its aim is to build up a complexly structured and carefully selected collection which will include textual sources from various cultural domains of the 19th and 20* centuries. Among the variety of different texts and text types which will constitute the AAC, translations ofhistorical literary significance will also be included. Within the framework of the AAC a Russian-German parallel corpus is planned, based on Dostoevskij's novel "The Idiot", ofwhich there are some twenty translations into German from the Russian original. One relevant application is a bilingual study ofcollocations. Collocations used in Russian literature of the 19"1 century have so far not been intensively investigated. Most collocations used by Dostoevskij differ from the corresponding collocations of current Russian with regard to either their lexical structure or their contextual usage. These differences play an important role for current reception ofthe text. Comparison ofthe various translations will open up a new field ofresearch as regards the presentation of collocations in bilingual lexicography.
Session Computational Lexicography and Lexicology
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