Corpus Exploitation Strategies for the Lexicographic Definition Task

By November 17, 2016,
Page 307-319
Author Judit Feliu, Àngel Gil, Berta Pedemonte, Cristina Guirado
Title Corpus Exploitation Strategies for the Lexicographic Definition Task
Abstract The main goal of this paper is to formalize and to present some guidelines helping the lexicographer corpus query procedures in order to obtain the most refined results aiming at benefit the definition as much as possible. The paper will briefly introduce the three main language resources (LR) involved in the authors’ daily linguistic job, that is, the Catalan descriptive dictionary built on the basis of a Catalan corpus, the corpus itself and the Catalan main dictionaries repository normally looked up. The focus of the paper will be put on the improvement of the strategies followed so far in order to use the corpus query system in an efficiently oriented manner as far as the descriptor selection and the extrinsic part of the definition fulfilment is concerned. Bearing in mind a concrete number of patterns in order to retrieve certain kind of information for each type of unit defined will help the lexicographer to keep coherence among different team members and also, and probably most important, among different but semantically related types of words.
Session Computational Lexicography and Lexicology
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