Critical Lexicography

By November 17, 2016,
Page 561-565
Author Pam Peters, Jan Tent, Trinidad Fernandez
Title Critical Lexicography
Abstract We highlight issues in bilingual lexicography (BL) as encountered in developing an online course for postgraduate students in applied linguistics as well as in translation and interpreting. Many of the challenges reflect those of bilingual dictionaries themselves, for example, can they provide equally well for pedagogical and translation needs? When the dictionary's microstructure is optimized for language learners, it may well be cumbersome for translators. What of the translator's need for an expanded macrostructure to cope with the wider variety of texts he/she deals with? Intertwined with these issues are those of directionality, and whether the dictionary can support encoding and decoding equally in both directions. With online students from various time zones, nationalities and language backgrounds, this Australian course embraces lexicographical material from Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and draws in the students' regional experiences of using bilingual dictionaries, to critique the range of contemporary BL practices.
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