Croatian Linguistic System Modules Overview

By November 23, 2016,
AuthorMarko Orešković, Jakov Topić, Mario Essert
TitleCroatian Linguistic System Modules Overview
AbstractIn this paper we show several segments of program solutions which are a part of the Croatian linguistic system (CLS) that is being developed in several ways and aims at achieving the final integration of all modules. Although the system aims at programmatically connecting all areas of linguistics (from phonetics to discourse), in the demonstration we will show only the segments that are related to general lexicon building (which includes a standard and terminological dictionary of the Croatian language) and will be connected with online repositories and encyclopedias. These program segments are searching for neologisms in documents (i.e. words that have not been marked in the general lexicon), generating grammatical forms of such words if they are changeable and saving them into a lexicon, adding semantic markups (like morphosyntactic) characteristics, and, finally, monitoring Croatian words in space and time.
SessionLexicography and Language Technologies
Keywordslexicon; Croatian linguistics system; semantic markup; word evolution
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