Das LBC-Wörterbuch: Eine erste Benutzerstudie

By September 7, 2022,
Page 460-470
Author Carolina Flinz, Sabrina Ballestracci
Title Das LBC-Wörterbuch: Eine erste Benutzerstudie
Abstract This paper describes the results of an empirical investigation carried out within the project Lessico Multilingue dei Beni Culturali (LBC), whose aim is to create a multilingual online dictionary of the lexicon of the Italian artistic heritage. The dictionary, whose lexicographic process has already started, is intended for linguists and specialist translators as well as for professionals in the tourism sector and students of Foreign Languages and Literatures. The investigation conducted through a questionnaire submitted to undergraduate students at the University of Milan and at the University of Florence has a double aim: to research the habits in the use of lexicographic tools by possible users of the dictionary (Italian Learners of German Language), and to identify preferences regarding macro­, medio­ and microstructural features of the future LBC-­dictionary to realize a user-­friendly tool. After a brief introduction on the state of the art of the survey in the field of Dictionary Users Studies, the article describes the questionnaire and the results obtained from the pilot study. A summary and a discussion on the future developments of the project conclude the work.
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Keywords Dictionary use, LSP­-Dictionary, Lexicon of Cultural Heritage
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