Der lexikographische Arbeitsplatz – Theorie und Praxis

By November 17, 2016,
Page 413-421
Author Andrea Abel, Annette Klosa
Title Der lexikographische Arbeitsplatz – Theorie und Praxis
Abstract The changes caused by the growing automatisation of processes in the lexicographer´s workstation and in lexicographic work, together with the ensuing needs of lexicographers and their demands for adequately targeted software, have not been discussed sufficiently in meta-lexicographic research. The aim of this paper is therefore to fill this gap, with a focus on academic non-commercial lexicography. After an introduction into the general functionalities of specific dictionary writing software, with the help of a real-life example we will discuss the lexicographic working environment, the new specific demands to lexicographic software as well as different tools. The final aim is to propose some recommendations for how to structure the lexicographic working environment to meet specific project requirements.
Session Lexicography and language technology
Keywords dictionary writing system, lexicographic working environment, dictionary software
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