Descriptive and Prescriptive Lexicography in the Norwegian Context

By November 23, 2016,
Page 92-98
Author Sturla Berg-Olsen
Title Descriptive and Prescriptive Lexicography in the Norwegian Context
Abstract The paper examines some selected Norwegian dictionaries from the perspective of descriptivity and prescriptivity. The main conclusion is that the element of prescriptivity in the dictionaries is larger than what is openly signalled to the users. In the case of the one-volume standard dictionaries, prescriptitvity also extends outside the domains of spelling and inflection, although these are the only domains that are officially regulated. It is argued that a revision of these standard dictionaries should encompass a reevaluation of their prescriptive profile. The fact that dictionaries contain elements of prescriptivity is neither unexcpected nor a problem in principle. However, prescriptive statements as a principle should not remain hidden or implicit. To the extent that they do so, this can easily be interpreted as misleading the users rather than guiding or enlightening them.
Session The Dictionary-Making Process
Keywords Norwegian lexicography; prescriptivity; descriptivity; language norms; language usage; language regulation
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