Developing GiGaNT, a lexical infrastructure covering 16 centuries

By November 17, 2016,
Page 468-476
Author Tilly Ruitenberg†, Jesse De Does, Katrien Depuydt
Title Developing GiGaNT, a lexical infrastructure covering 16 centuries
Abstract GiGaNT is a new INL initiative which sets out to develop a computational lexicon (lexical database) covering 16 centuries of Dutch language. This means that all lexical data of the dictionaries, corpora and computational lexica of the Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL) will be stored into a central database, functioning both as computational lexicon and central infrastructure for the maintenance of lexical data. Dictionaries, corpora and this computational lexicon are all part of the Dutch Language Bank (DLB).
The immediate incentive to develop GiGaNT was the need for a diachronic computational lexicon, to serve both as a link between texts and dictionaries in the DLB and as a solid infrastructure for other, similar lexical data at the INL. The GiGaNT lexicon will be used for text or corpus annotation, facilitating the retrieval and investigation of the annotated texts.
Integration of existing material into GiGaNT and its subsequent adaptation to enable it to function within computational applications will be a huge step towards another aim: the systematic screening of the complete Dutch word stock for ‘gaps’ in lexicographic description. This applies to both neologisms and hitherto undescribed historical words.
Users will benefit from the possibility to link from word forms in running text to lexicographical definitions in the INL dictionaries. Researchers, who now only have access to separate collections, will benefit as well: in the future they will have one single starting point for their searches and one single basis from which to develop new lexical material. GiGaNT will also give expert users better access to the lexical data maintained by the INL. The infrastructure will function as a database which will be accessible to API’s and as a ‘service’ that enables researchers to compare their data with GiGaNT and eventually to contribute their own material to GiGaNT.
Session Computational Lexicography and Lexicology
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