Development of a Context-Sensitive Electronic Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 281-290
Author Gábor Prószéky, Balázs Kis
Title Development of a Context-Sensitive Electronic Dictionary
Abstract This paper introduces an electronic dictionary sensitive to the context of the input words or expressions. The dictionary program provides translations for any piece of text displayed on a computer screen without requiring user interaction. This functionality is provided by a three-layer process: (1) text acquisition from the screen, (2) morpho-syntactic analysis of the context of the selected word and (3) the dictionary lookup. Traditional dictionary entries need restructuring for this sort ofusage. By dividing entries into smaller pieces and indexing them individually, the program is able to display a restricted set ofinformation that is as relevant to the context as possible. For this purpose, we utilize automatic and semi-automatic XML tools for processing dictionary content. The construction of such an electronic dictionary involves natural language processing at almost every point of operation. Both the dictionary entries and the user input require linguistic analysis and intelligent pattern-matching techniques in order to identify multi-word expressions in the context ofthe input. By the time this paper is presented, the program incorporates more sophisticated language technology: multi-word phrases and sentences are recognized, and translation hints are offered in a linguistically intelligent way - by a parser/transformer module matching underspecified patterns of different degrees of abstraction.
Session Lexicological Issues of Lexicographical Relevance
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