Dialettismi in lessici bilingui

By November 17, 2016,
Page 701-712
Author Salvatore Riolo
Title Dialettismi in lessici bilingui
Abstract As a consequence of the changed attitude towards dialects, a great number of dialectic, regional and idiolectic forms has been introduced in monolingual dictionaries first and hence in bilingual ones. Due to a missing common trend, a remarkable diversity in lexicographers' behaviour in lexicographic practice has been brought about. Within this framework the main aim of our research is to draw attention on this particular aspect, so far neglected, and to foster a tentative theoretical analysis that can help identify the paths that best can reduce such diversity. As for the scope of the present paper, we deal with the presence of Italian dialectic forms in bilingual lexicons and more generally with lexicographers' attitude towards them. For this purpose we selected ten bilingual lexicons among the most popular ones and with the widest circulation in Italy and identified hundreds of dialectic forms contained in them.
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