Diccionario de los glifos maya con descripción visual estructural

By November 17, 2016,
Page 747-751
Author Obdulia Pichardo-Lagunas, Grigori Sidorov
Title Diccionario de los glifos maya con descripción visual estructural
Abstract The deciphering of Mayan script is an intricate but interesting problem. During years, the community of Mayan researchers was not open to the usage of computer tools. Still, the progress of the computer science and the current state of Mayan research proves the necessity of this type of software. We present the project related to the development of Mayan script database, which is the first necessary step in development of computer representation of Mayan script data. The database contains several tables and allows for various queries. The main idea of the project is the development of the system that would allow managing Mayan script data for specialists as well as for persons without any previous knowledge of Maya. This includes structural visual description of glyph images, expert system facilities, and, in future, calculation of glyphs similarity and development of digital corpus for analysis of similarity of the contexts on the fly. Another possible direction of further investigations is confirmation of deciphering results using large corpus data.
Session 3. Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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