Dictionary-Making Process with ’Simultaneous Feedback’ from the Target Users to the Compilers

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorGilles-Maurice de Schryver, Daan J. Prinsloo
TitleDictionary-Making Process with ’Simultaneous Feedback’ from the Target Users to the Compilers
AbstractSince dictionaries are ultimately judged by their target users, there is an urgency to provide for the target users’ needs. In order to determine such needs more accurately, it has become common practice to submit users of a dictionary to a series of tests. Unfortunately, in most cases such feedback comes too late because it can at best be considered for implementation in the revised edition of the dictionary. In this article it is argued that feedback from the target users should be obtained while compilation is still in progress. This dictionary-making process is therefore referred to as ’Simultaneous Feedback’ and can be understood as entailing a method in terms of which the release of several small-scale parallel dictionaries triggers off feedback that is instantly channelled back into the compilation process of a main dictionary. Following a theoretical presentation of the new concept, its feasibility is illustrated with reference to the creation of Cilubà-Dutch and Sepêdi-English dictionaries.
SessionPART 4 - Corpus-based Dictionary Making
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