Dictionary of Lithuanian phrases

By November 17, 2016,
Page 739-748
Author Rûta Marcinkevičiené
Title Dictionary of Lithuanian phrases
Abstract The paper discusses problems related to the compilation of the first Lithuanian dictionary of collocations. The problems encountered are both theoretical and empirical in nature. Theoretically, it is important to differentiate between collocations consisting of nodes and their collocates on one hand and collocational strings, i.e. clearcut real-text chains of words, on the other. The latter notion is applied as the basis of the method for the extraction of collocations from the corpus of the Lithuanian language. Empirically, the statistical output, i.e. collocations extracted from the corpus of 100 million running words, is described from the point of view of their grammatical form, lexical autonomy and boundaries, and the steps taken to transform the list of statistical collocational strings into the list of linguistically acceptable collocations or phrases are outlined.
Session Phraseology and Collocation
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