Dictionary of Verbal Contexts for the Romanian Language

Page 411-422
Author Ana-Maria Barbu
Title Dictionary of Verbal Contexts for the Romanian Language
Abstract This paper presents a dictionary of verbal contexts for Romanian, which comprises 600 verbs and over 2,000 meanings with one or more valency patterns. It is manually built but based on corpus information, and is developed both for teaching Romanian to foreigners, by its printed version, and for computational linguistics, by its XML format and consistent principles and conventions of the design. The dictionary is rich in information, including lexical, grammatical and semantic features of the complements, morphosyntactic variants occupying an argument position, dependencies between complements induced by control, raising and predication phenomena and verbal alternations, as variants of valency patterns with the same meaning. The paper offers details about all this information, the building procedure and some problems that needed to be solved during our work. This enterprise is far from being finished, because further work has to be done to improve the actual encoding and add new types of information, such as semantic roles or diathesis uses, for growing the number of entries and for getting different kinds of generalizations.
Keywords verb pattern, verbal context, valency, argument, complement, Romanian verbs
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