Diskurswörterbuch – Zur Konzeption eines neuen Wörterbuchtyps

By November 17, 2016,
Page 689-695
Author Heidrun Kämper
Title Diskurswörterbuch – Zur Konzeption eines neuen Wörterbuchtyps
Abstract After a brief discussion on the term discourse, discourse will be related to the tasks of a discourse dictionary. The paper goes on developing the subject of discourse lexicography, which is a lexicographic presentation of discourse vocabulary, of the net of its semantic relations, and of the societal and historical circumstances of the usage people have made of it. This background will be useful for the presentation of two types of discourse dictionaries. On the one hand, they are based on the same primary conception. On the other hand, they are adapted to the respective discourse constellations. The first example is the result of a project on the early post-war period and presents the already-existing discourse dictionary of this project. The content of this dictionary is the vocabulary of three different groups, which participate in one discourse and specifically represent its main item. Since this dictionary also exists in electronic version, this concept will be proved by examples taken out of this version. The second example refers to a project running on the 1967/68 protest period. The vocabulary of this discourse makes up a set of several single discourse items, while these items constitute the leading subject of the discourse of 1967/68: democracy. Thus, the task of the lexicographic description of a complex discourse like this is not at least: to assign the discourse vocabulary to the single discourses and to describe the different usages relating to these single discourses. The paper ends with a draft of a lexicographic program based on the type discourse dictionary.
Session 3. Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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