Displacement of Senses, Cluster Equivalence and Bilingual Dictionaries

By November 23, 2016,
Page 693-701
Author Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk
Title Displacement of Senses, Cluster Equivalence and Bilingual Dictionaries
Abstract Basing on the data from the BNC and National Corpus of Polish, and relevant parallel corpora, the concepts of lexical displacement of senses and cluster-for-cluster equivalence are discussed and exemplified on the materials from English and Polish. Direct relevance to bilingual lexicography is further presented and inter-lingual correspondences involving two main types are analysed - lexical-conceptual L1-cluster-for-L2 cluster mapping and a higher syntactic schematization of the Target as contrasted with the more fine-grained construed Source language version. To receive a more complete picture of the cross-language cluster mapping, the two-directional translational corpora are consulted and the clusters referring to the mental space of possibility generated in both languages, analysed and juxtaposed for the qualitative and quantitative properties. The present project aims at extending the depth of cluster presentation in both languages and the refinement of a broad sense of equivalence between them. A special emphasis in bilingual lexicography project presented here is put on Part-of-Speech cross-linguistic re-categorization to recover more complex (asymmetric, incommensurable) inter-linguistic relations. The Principle of Cluster Equivalence is shown to be observed in a variety of styles and registers both in the written as well as in spoken mode.
Session Lexicography and Semantic Theory
Keywords bilingual lexicography; cluster equivalence; collocational profile; construal; dictionary; displacement of senses; meaning approximation; parallel corpora; re-conceptualization; translation
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