Economicus: A New Conception of the Bilingual Business Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 739-746
Author Maxim A. Storchevoy
Title Economicus: A New Conception of the Bilingual Business Dictionary
Abstract The paper is devoted to the Economicus project — English-Russian Dictionaries in Economic, Management and Finance — which is built on the new conception of bilingual business dictionary with rich, reliable and user-friendly lexicographical information for ordinary users (students, managers, translators etc.) as well as for researchers of language. The Economicus uses a rather sophisticated and advanced concept of entry with multiple zones which relies heavily on advantages of electronic entry demonstration and especially on the possibility of hiding and showing zones and subzones at user discretion. The latter feature creates enormous opportunities for the lexicographer to develop a rich but still user-friendly content of the entry.
The project is based on the alliance of economists and linguists. The linguistic expertise for the project was provided by the ABBYY software company who gave Economicus lexicographers access to a database specially designed for building dictionaries, its proprietary markup language and its linguistic corpus. ABBYY linguists took active part in developing the conception of Economicus entry and helping economic lexicographers to find a correct and effective approach to developing an up-to-date terminological dictionary.
The economic and business expertise for the project was provided by several dozens of professors of various educational institutions in Russia and abroad. The most important role was played by professors of Graduate School of Management (GSOM), St-Petersburg State University who took active part in evaluating and improving entries in corporate finance, management, marketing, international business and other business fields. In 2007 Graduate School of Management established the Translation and Lexicography Department where Economicus project has been developed since that time.
Economicus dictionaries are distributed with ABBYY Lingvo (as part of its basic dictionary collection and as additional downloads) and are accessible through a web-site The number of entries in Economicus is currently about 75,000.
Session Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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