Eine Belegdatenbank zur Phraseologie des Luxemburgischen

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1031-1043
Author Ane Kleine-Engel, Jutta Schumacher, Liliana Miranda Eires, Myriam Hartmann
Title Eine Belegdatenbank zur Phraseologie des Luxemburgischen
Abstract With the DoLPh-Project, conducted at the University of Luxembourg, we aim at achieving a better understanding of the dynamics of Luxembourgish Phraseology. The acronym DoLPh covers all major units within the project:
- We will study the Development of Luxembourgish Phraseology, adopting a diachronic perspective starting at the beginning of the language’s codification in the 19th century up to the most recent developments under the influence of new media and the Internet at the beginning of the 21st century.
- We will examine the linguistic Descent of Luxembourgish Phraseology in a multilingual society, with the language’s unclear standardization status and it’s status as the national language (which is, however, historically rooted in the Central Franconian dialect area).
- We will analyze the Diversity of Phraseological units in Luxembourgish within the given medial diglossia where more or less clear allocations exist concerning the mainly oral domain (=Luxembourgish) and the mainly written domain (=French and to a lesser degree German) in current language use.
- We will produce different kinds of publications to ensure the Documentation of Luxembourgish Phraseology, taking into account various research aspects, purposes and different target audiences.
- We are aiming at developing material for the Didactics of Luxembourgish Phraseology (for native speakers and/or second language acquisition).
- The project’s major outcome will be the construction of an online Dictionary of Luxembourgish Phraseology (that is, a database with front-end interface for multidirectional searching and a dynamic structure to provide information on formulaic patterns of the Luxembourgish language), with detailed descriptions of and explanations to a vast number of phraseological units.
Processed as an online dictionary of Luxembourgish phraseology, the database will outclass any comparable analogous print medium due to its dynamic structure and its multi-functionality. There is no need to weigh up an alphabetical listing versus an onomasiological one, for both options are instantly available on the user’s interface. Another advantage of this dynamic interface presentation is that lexical variation within phraseological items will no longer cause any problems. Furthermore the problematic of different nominal forms of phraseological units loses its significance because every database query incorporates the constituents of an expression. Last but not least the phraseological units may be presented in their context and/or even interlinked with their source.
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Keywords phraseology, data base, Luxembourgish, online dictionary, corpus based, historical linguistics
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