Elaboration et Usage d’un Dictionnaire par des Enfants d’Age Pré-scolaire

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorZoé Gavriilidou, Maria Sfyroera
TitleElaboration et Usage d’un Dictionnaire par des Enfants d’Age Pré-scolaire
AbstractThe main role of a dictionary consists in searching the words' meaning, the context in which this word can appear as well as the syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations that hold between words. Dictionary's use presupposes the acquisition of reading mechanism. This presupposition is not satisfied as far as preschoolers are concerned. Consequently the term dictionary must be 're-defined' when we refer to the use and construction of a dictionary by preschoolers. In this paper we try to answer to the following questions: 1) Why and how can we initiate preschoolers at the use of dictionaries, 2) Which is the dictionary's contribution to the preparation of preschoolers for reading and writing? 3) How can we help preschoolers construct a 'communicative' dictionary in classroom.
SessionLexicological Issues of Lexicographical Relevance
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