ELDIT – A Prototype of an Innovative Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 807-818
Author Andrea Abel, Vanessa Weber
Title ELDIT – A Prototype of an Innovative Dictionary
Abstract In the following presentation, ELDIT, a bilingual (German-Italian, Italian-German) electronic Learn(ers’) dictionary, will be introduced. The "basic vocabulary dictionary" ELDIT was conceived to contain about 3,000 entries and to encourage the users’ active use of vocabulary. The process of dictionary formation and elaboration is substantially supported by hypermedia technology. Electronic media facilitate a visual representation of lexical entities which is particularly oriented towards the learner. ELDIT is structured in such a way as to take into account a wide range of interrelations between the numerous lexical entities on a variety of levels (predominantly on the semantic, paradigmatic, and syntagmatic levels). The conception and elaboration are based on psycholinguistic studies which seem to corroborate the assumption that the human brain organises lexical information in form of paradigmatic, syntagmatic, "pragmatic" and tonal fields.
Session PART 17 - Bilingual Learners’ Dictionaries
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