Electronic onomasiology: Van Dale greater dictionary of synonyms

By November 17, 2016,
Page 519-526
Author Piet G. J. Van Sterkenburg
Title Electronic onomasiology: Van Dale greater dictionary of synonyms
Abstract This paper serves a threefold purpose: (a) presentation of the concept features and structural elements underlying a new Dutch dictionary of synonyms and other words with related meanings; (b) demonstration of the possibility to structure, based on a lexicological concept, a database according to strict rules. Special attention wlll be paid to how the whimsicality of the language can be made controllable by applying a structure in which a hyponym may only have one hyperonym; (c) pointing out the additional value of this electronic taxonomy of Dutch for other lexicological products.
Session PART 5 - The Dictionary-Making Process
Keywords Computer-aided lexicography, conceptual meaning, dictionaries, dictionary of synonyms, hyponyms, hyperonyms, lexical taxonomy, lexicology, lexicography, onomasiology, synonyms
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