ELeFyS: A Greek Illustrated Science Dictionary for School

Page 373-385
Author Maria Mitsiaki, Ioannis Lefkos
Title ELeFyS: A Greek Illustrated Science Dictionary for School
Abstract This paper reports on the design and compilation of ELeFyS (Εικονογραφημένο Λεξικό Φυσικής για το Σχολείο, ΕΛεΦυΣ), a Greek specialized school dictionary of science. Since its conception ELeFyS has been intended as a reference tool for the parallel development of scientific and linguistic literacy in a school context. To fulfil such an objective, generic entries include scientific terms that fall within the school subject of physics and are likely to be encountered in the upper grades of primary and lower grades of secondary school; however, the dictionary coverage is not restricted to terminology, but is also expanded to the terms/headwords’ respective general sense(s) and use(s). Moreover, encyclopedic and cultural material is given as further stimuli for critical thinking. Under this scope, ELeFyS works both as a lexicographic product and a multi-functional teaching resource. In sum, it constitutes a novel endeavor of combining pedagogy and specialization in order to meet the complex linguistic and cognitive/scientific needs of school children in the late primary and the early secondary school grades. Such a complex aim of determining both communication- and knowledge-oriented lexicographic functions is being realized thanks to the enduring collaboration of a linguist and a science expert, well-rooted in long teaching experience. In what follows, we focus on the policy decisions made at the outset of the lexicographic project and the entry-building process.
Keywords Greek science dictionary, macro- and microstructure, content-based learning/instruction
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