English, lingua franca, cultural imperialism and dictionaries

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorGeorges Pilard
TitleEnglish, lingua franca, cultural imperialism and dictionaries
AbstractMany argue that English should be taught to non-natives as a lingua franca with as little reference to British and American models as possible. But the fact remains that English has been the language of the two most powerful nations over the past two centuries, and the economic, political and cultural importance of the United States in today's world is overwhelming. Dictionaries, both monolingual learners' and bilingual, have a roIe to play in helping learners decipher Anglo-Saxon culture. This is no easy task, however, and this paper will examine to what extent dictionaries manage to present cultural information in an unbiased fashion and steer clear of an imperialist viewpoint.
SessionBilingual Lexicography
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