Entry Selection for a Bilingual Phraseological Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1045-1054
Author Vasyl Starko
Title Entry Selection for a Bilingual Phraseological Dictionary
Abstract The paper discusses the factors that influence the lexicographer's choice of entries for a bilingual phraseological dictionary: theorical considerations, dictionary type, possible uses of the dictionary, expectations of the users, and other dictionaries, both existing and projected. The author argues for a robust classification of phraseological items included in the dictionary that would serve as a set of reference points for both the compiler and the user. An example of a such classification involving English idioms is provided along with the explanation of criteria and considerations for each class. It is suggested that with the necessary changes, the same approach can be adopted for compiling other phraseological dictionaries. Another argument concerns the need for secure areas of overlap in entry selection between various dictionaries for the same pair of languages.
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