Ergativity, Collocations and Lexical Functions

By November 17, 2016,
Page 209-222
Author Thierry Fontenelle
Title Ergativity, Collocations and Lexical Functions
Abstract In this paper, I examine the way in which the causative/inchoative alternation is represented in, and can be extracted from, the Collins-Robert English-French dictionary (Atkins & Duval 1978). This machine-readable dictionary, which has been transformed into a lexical-semantic database at the University of Liège, is enriched with lexical-semantic relations in the form of lexical functions à la Mel'čuk (Mel'čuk 1984) and the resulting collocational database (described in more detail in Fontenelle 1994 a & b, 1995) is used as a starting point to establish correlations between the transitivity alternation under scrutiny, the phenomenon of collocations and the lexical functions linking ergative verbs and their typical arguments.
Session PART 2 - Lexical combinatorics
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