Euralex 1996 Part 1

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D/L No. Authors Title
001 Cover pages
002 ToC
003 Martin Gellerstam et al. Preface
004 PART 1 – Computational Lexicology and Lexicography
005 Nicoletta Calzolari Lexicon and Corpus: a Multi-faceted Interaction
006 Itziar Aduriz, Izaskun Aldezabal, Iñaki Alegria, Xabier Artola, Nerea Ezeiza, Ruben Urizar EUSLEM: A Lemmatiser/Tagger for Basque
007 Caroline Barriere, Fred Popowich Building a Noun Taxonomy from a Children’s Dictionary
008 Marco Battista, Vito Pirrelli Descriptive Economy and the Morphological Lexicon. On the Use of Interparadigmatic Schemata in a Computational Lexicon for the Morphology of Italian
009 Lisa Biagini, Eugenio Picchi INTERNET and DBT
010 Stephan Bopp Phrase Manager: a System for the Construction and the Use of Multi-word Unit Databases
011 Yvonne Cederholm A Historical Lexical Database of Swedish. The O.S.A Project
012 Ornella Corazzari, Monica Monachini, Adriana Roventini, Nicoletta Calzolari Speech Act and Perception Verbs: Generalizations and Contrastive Aspects
013 Kerstin Fischer A Construction-based Approach to the Lexicalization of Interjections
014 Gregory Grefenstette, Ulrich Heid, Bruno Maximilian Schulze, Thierry Fontenelle, Claire Gera The DECIDE Project: Multilingual Collocation Extraction
015 Paul Holmes-Higgin, Khurshid Ahmad Assembling and Viewing a Corpus of Texts: Self-organisation, Logical Deduction and Spreading Activation as Metaphors
016 Adam Kilgarriff, Raphael Salkie Corpus Similarity and Homogeneity via Word Frequency
017 Catherine Macleod, Ralph Grishman, Adam Meyers COMLEX Syntax: An On-Line Dictionary for Natural Language Processing
018 Adam Meyers, Catherine Macleod, Ralph Grishman Standardization of the Complement/Adjunct Distinction
019 Simonetta Montemagni, Stefano Federici, Vito Pirrelli Example-based Word Sense Disambiguation: a Paradigm-driven Approach*
020 Lineke Oppentocht A Tool for the Lexical Semantic Classification of Dutch Verbs
021 Carol Peters, Eugenio Picchi From Parallel to Comparable Text Corpora
022 Włodzimierz Sobkowiak Phonetic Transcription in Machine-Readable Dictionaries
023 Jonathan J. Webster, Chunyan Ning WWW Bilingual Chinese-English Language Dictionary Database
024 PART 2 – Lexical combinatorics
025 Natalia Bragina Restricted Collocations: Cultural Boundness
026 Thierry Fontenelle Ergativity, Collocations and Lexical Functions
027 Isao Higashimori A Combinatory Dictionary of English Discourse Connectives, Based on Relevance Theory
028 Ludmila Minaeva Word and Word Combination in ESP
029 Rosamund Moon Data, Description, and Idioms in Corpus Lexicography
030 Mira Nábělková Adjectival Variants in Monolingual Dictionaries
031 Sanni Nimb Collocations of Nouns: How to Present Verb-noun Collocations in a Monolingual Dictionary
032 Irina Sandomirskaya, Elena Oparina Russian Restricted Collocations: an Attempt of Frame Approach
033 Lars Trap-Jensen Word Relations: Two Kinds of Typicality and their Place in the Dictionary
034 Åke Viberg The Meanings of Swedish dra ‘pull’: a Case Study of Lexical Polysemy
035 Maurice Vliegen Verbs of Perceiving and Verbal Communication in Dutch: Clausal Complementation
036 PART 3 – The Dictionary-Making Process
037 Ladislav Zgusta The Lexicographer’s Creativity
038 Georgi Armianov Slavic Slang Lexicography
039 Sue B. T. Atkins, Beth Levin, Grace Song Making Sense of Corpus Data: a Case Study
040 Sylvia Brown Hard Words for the Ladies: The First English Dictionaries and the Question of Readership
041 John Considine The Meanings, deduced logically from the Etymology
042 Gunter Gebhardi Methods for Lexicon Maintenance
043 P. Harteveld, A.E. van Niekerk Policy for the Treatment of Insulting and Sensitive Lexical Items in the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal
044 Stefanie Heidecke SGML-Tools in the Dictionary-making Process-Experiences with a German-Polish/Polish-German Dictionary
045 Lionel Kernerman English Learners’ Dictionaries: How Much do we Know about their Use?
046 Henrik Lorentzen Lemmatization of Multi-word Lexical Units: in which Entry?