Euphemisms in General (Monolingual and Bilingual) Dictionaries

By November 17, 2016,
Page 773-780
Author Andrejs Veisbergs
Title Euphemisms in General (Monolingual and Bilingual) Dictionaries
Abstract The paper deals with euphemisms and their treatment in general (monolingual and bilingual) dictionaries. We give a linguistic analysis of euphemism formation (based on English material) and discuss the treatment of euphemisms in several English, Russian, German and Latvian monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. Serious inconsistencies have been noted in euphemism treatment (editorial decisions, subjective solutions in individual cases, labelling absence or inconsistency, avoiding of euphemisms). The problem of the ephemeral or transitory nature of euphemisms and its reflection in dictionaries has been viewed.
Session PART 15 - Lexicological Phenomena of Lexicographical Relevance
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