FACKELLEX – Zur Struktur des Schimpfwörterbuches

By November 17, 2016,
Page 577-580
Author Evelyn Breiteneder
Title FACKELLEX – Zur Struktur des Schimpfwörterbuches
Abstract In 2008, the work on the ‘Schimpfwörterbuch’ (Dictionary of Insults and Invectives), the second part of the Fackellex dictionary, was brought to an end. FACKELLEX is a so called dictionary in the field of textlexicography. The ‘Schimpfwörterbuch’ was compiled in the planned tripartite structure, developing the dictionary volumes named ALPHA, CHRONO and EXPLICA. The paper will show different methods of presenting text information in a dictionary.
During the work on the dictionary, some 200.000 invective expressions were identified on the 22.586 pages of the ‘Fackel’ (‘The Torch’) edited and written by Karl Kraus, 2775 of which were selected to be represented as keywords in the ALPHA volume - the alphabetic list of the dictionary. Selection was performed according to linguistic and semantic criteria, keywords were furnished with short excerpts from the original text. Main tasks during this phase of the project were the constitution of a list of candidates and the presentation of the extensive material. The focus in the work on the ALPHA section was the description of invective terms, particular constructions and examples of Karl Kraus's creativity in coining new words making use of text lexicographic methods. ALPHA is made accessible through three different indexes which were created making use of up-to-date IT technology as part of a cooperation within the ‘Centre for Cultural Research’ between the departments of AAC and Fackellex.
CHRONO - the chronological list of the ‘Schimpfwörterbuch’ - displays in chronological order roughly a fifth of the data contained in ALPHA and offers the reader a larger context. This part of the dictionary is designed to pursue the development of the author's creativity in coining and using words within the ‘Fackel’ as a whole and to display these phenomena in the context of a particular page of the journal.
EXPLICA - short for explanatory notes - is to fulfill two requirements: it contains the dictionary editor's explanatory texts on which the project was based, which were written as part of the seperate ‘PARATEXTE’ project. In addition, it contains ‘Wichtiges von Wichten’, the last article of the ‘Fackel’ which can be seen as the primary source of inspiration for this ‘Schimpfwörterbuch’. Passages of this text that were identified as invectives where highlighted and commented upon in a selective way.
Session Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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