fLexiCoGraph: Creating and Managing Curated Graph-Based Lexicographical Data

Page 1017-1022
Author Peter Meyer, Mirjam Eppinger
Title fLexiCoGraph: Creating and Managing Curated Graph-Based Lexicographical Data
Abstract We present the conceptual foundations and basic features of fLexiCoGraph, a generic software package for creating and presenting curated human-oriented lexicographical resources that are roughly modeled according to Měchura’s (2016) idea of graph-augmented trees. The system is currently under development and will be made accessible as open source software. As a sample use case we discuss an existing online database of loanwords borrowed from German into other languages which is based on a growing number of language-specific loanword dictionaries (Lehnwortportal Deutsch). The paper outlines the conceptual foundations of fLexiCoGraph’s hybrid graph/XML data model. To establish a database, XML-based resources may be imported or even input manually. An additional graph database layer is then constructed from these XML source documents in a freely configurable, but automated way; subsequently, the resulting graph can be manipulated and enlarged through a visual user interface in such a way that keeps the relationship to the source document information explicit at all times. We sketch the tooling support for different kinds of graph-level editing processes, including mechanisms for dealing with updated XML source documents and coping with duplicate or inconsistent information, and briefly discuss the browser interface for end users.
Session Software Demonstrations
Keywords graph-based dictionaries, editorial process, data modeling, linked data, historical lexicography
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