Football Phraseology: A Bilingual Corpus-Driven study

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1222-1225
Author Sabrina Matuda
Title Football Phraseology: A Bilingual Corpus-Driven study
Abstract Football is the most popular sport in the present century. It has assumed a role beyond that of a national sport by becoming a cultural manifestation. It is now a battleground for several important issues such as economy, the resolution of conflicts, poverty as well as racial and minority awareness (Anchimbe 2008). Football relations across countries have increased significantly over the past decades. In order to regulate these relations, we need to express ourselves through language, that language being, in most cases, English. However, each culture has its own way of playing and supporting its teams, a way that is differently expressed according to each mother tongue . The problem arises when there is an urge to express these particularities in a foreign language. Football constitutes first and foremost a technical domain, though usually not considered as such. Therefore it involves a specialized language. Aiming at understanding the football vocabulary we propose a detailed study of football phraseology. In order to do so the study is based on the notions of Corpus Linguistics (Bowker & Pearson, 2002; Hunston, 2002; Sardinha, 2004; Sinclair, 1991); corpus-driven translation studies (Tognini-Boneli, 2001) and terminology (Krieger & Finatto, 2004; Maia, 2002; Temmerman, 2000). The study relies on the assumption that a term is not likely to be used apart from other lexical items and also on the fact that the protected status that is often attributed to it changes according to the context and the words to which it co-occurs. The corpus, still being compiled, consists of approximately 285 thousand words – 156,146 in English and 127,984 in Portuguese. Due to the complexity of compiling a representative corpus just a preliminary account of the findings is presented.
Session Phraseology and Collocation
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