Formalised Representation of Collocations in a Danish Computational Lexicon

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorAnna Braasch, Sussi Olsen
TitleFormalised Representation of Collocations in a Danish Computational Lexicon
AbstractIn natural language processing one of the most interesting tasks is the treatment of complex lexical units. In this paper we focus on a specific collocation type and deal with a formalised, pattern-based description of collocations for a Danish computational lexicon, an extension of the PAROLE lexicon. We first describe our methodological approach to collocations from the NLP point of view. Secondly, we analyse a selection of frequent collocations found in our corpus and discuss a few selected morphological and syntactic constraints that apply to verbal collocations (our term). Published dictionaries are used to verify our findings.We then sum up the constraint types to which the selected collocations are subject and organise them in formalised patterns. Finally, we discuss a productive convergence of interests between traditional and computational lexicography in formalised representations.
SessionPART 11 - Approaches to Lexical Combinatorics
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