Formats of Etymology: the Case of ‘Beer’ and ‘Juniper’ in Votic

By November 17, 2016,
Page 563-568
Author Manuel Barbera
Title Formats of Etymology: the Case of ‘Beer’ and ‘Juniper’ in Votic
Abstract In this paper I will deal briefly with a particular aspect of etymological dictionary (micro)structure, viz. the need to increase the survey's range and depth according to the relevance of the diffusional, non native, vocabulary. I will present two sample voices from my still unpublished Short Etymological Glossary ofthe Votic Language (a dying Baltofinnic language of Ingermanland), discussing the etymologies of 'beer' and 'juniper'. I will conclude in favour of the adoption of a high depth and wide range etymological treatment for languages, like Votic, whose vocabulary, for various (historical, geopolitical, cultural, etc.) reasons, has a large diffusional percentage. It is my opinion that such a practice could improve the historical and etymological knowledge of the entire European lexicon, especially in the cultural domain.
Session Historical and Scholarly Lexicography - Etymology
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