Frame-based Lexicography: Presenting Multiword Terms in a Technical E-dictionary

Page 309-318
Author Laura Giacomini
Title Frame-based Lexicography: Presenting Multiword Terms in a Technical E-dictionary
Abstract In this paper, a frame-based approach to terminological variation is presented along a model for presentation of multiword terms and their variants in a technical e-dictionary. A case study concerning terminology related to semiconductor diodes is the background against which methods and goals of a larger study on the technical language (Habilitation thesis at Hildesheim University) are illustrated and compared with those of existing resources. At the core of the proposed model are three interrelated description layers (ontology – frame – terminology), with the frame layer serving as the semantic interface between ontological classes and terms, as well as a variation typology accounting for orthographical, morphological and syntactic term variants. The microstructural properties of the envisaged e-dictionary, which aims at supporting text production in the native language, are illustrated by means of the example entry diode in forward bias. The addressed users, technical writers and professional translators, are able to access all types of data separately from each other, in a modular way. The paper closes with an outlook on how future developments could include application of the model to further technical domains.
Keywords frame-based terminology, frame-based lexicography, term variation, technical language, LSP dictionary
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