From DANTE to Dictionary: The New English-Irish Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 807-817
Author Pádraig Ó Mianáin, Cathal Convery
Title From DANTE to Dictionary: The New English-Irish Dictionary
Abstract Most major bilingual dictionary projects tend to largely involve adapting an existing bilingual dictionary, by adopting or amending the existing source language material as required and then supplying the necessary target language material. This paper describes the innovative approach followed in the production of the New English-Irish Dictionary (NEID) project. The online version of NEID was launched in 2013 ( and the project is to be completed when a printed version is produced in 2016. The English language content of NEID is based on the Database of ANalysed Texts of English (the DANTE database), a ground-breaking corpus-based lexical database developed specifically for the project. Attention is drawn to how the DANTE entry frameworks evolved through the various translation and editing processes to the final entries now available in the online. The paper also discusses the development of the Irish-language material and details some of the challenges, practical and editorial, encountered in the course of the production of the dictionary, and the working solutions that were developed.
Session Lexicography of Lesser Used Languages
Keywords DANTE, bilingual, Irish-language
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