General Monolingual Persian Dictionaries and Their Users: A Case Study

By November 17, 2016,
Page 626-639
Author Saghar Sharifi
Title General Monolingual Persian Dictionaries and Their Users: A Case Study
Abstract User needs and user satisfaction have unfortunately been neglected in the compilation of Persian dictionaries. This article aims to investigate five general monolingual Persian dictionaries in terms of their meeting user needs and the extent of user satisfaction with them. The investigated dictionaries are Dehkhoda, Mo’een, Amid, Farhange Farsie Emrooz, and Sokhan. To assess user needs, different groups of users, based on Assi (1995), filled up questionnaires, and some were interviewed; some statistical procedures, such as the chi-square significance test, were used. The objectives of this study were to identify the users' reference needs and the relationship between these needs and social variables. Moreover, the extent of the users' satisfaction with the mentioned dictionaries, the relation of this satisfaction to the social variables, and the necessity of certain qualifications in users were assessed. It was found that the users' educational background was the only determining factor in their amount of dictionary use, in their finding the desired information, and in their satisfaction with the dictionary.
Session Dictionary use, pedagogical lexicography
Keywords lexicography, Persian, general monolingual dictionaries, user.
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