Gentyll English-Spanish non sexist on-line glossaries: software presentation

By November 17, 2016,
Page 862-868
Author José Simón
Title Gentyll English-Spanish non sexist on-line glossaries: software presentation
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to introduce the Gentyll online glossaries: non-sexist bilingual English-Spanish glossaries of terms relating to human naming in various subject areas (agentives). Our team has being working for several years in the study of the penetration of non-sexist language policies in the language used in various sectors of social and professional activity. After close inspection of a good number of printed and online lexicographic and terminological resources we came to the conclusion that almost all of them ignore non-sexist language policies and recommendations, both in their structure and in their actual data. Being aware of this lack of gender-aware resources we have tackled the publication of a series of non-sexist glossaries which cover a number of fields of activity. We do not intend to devise neither a new theory nor a new methodology. Our objective, far more modest, is to unveil a new, gender-aware, perspective which, in our view, should inspire lexicography and terminology in the 21st century.
In this presentation we will start by summarising the principles underlying our glossaries together with the pre-requisites we bore in mind in their conception. Later we will detail the contents of the databases together with the methodology adopted in their compilation, to end with a sketchy enumeration of the main features of the query system we have developed in order to streamline online searches.
We firmly believe our glossaries are a contribution, modest indeed, to a new perspective that wishfully will inspire more ambitious works to come.
Session Software demonstrations
Keywords non-sexist professional titles, gender-aware glossaries, database online query system.
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