Gestor de terminologia multilingüe d’accés lliure

By November 17, 2016,
Page 937-939
Author Jordi Bover Salvadó, Marta Grané Franch
Title Gestor de terminologia multilingüe d’accés lliure
Abstract Attending the demand of several sectors asking for a terminology management tool suitable for specific or personal use, TERMCAT has developed a free-access terminology manager, available at our website ( The tool, addressed to anyone interested in carrying out terminographic work, enables the management of any multilingual project that involves the compilation of terms in different languages and the systematization of concepts from different fields of knowledge. We would like to underline that every user would be able to customize the terminology management tool according to the project features and their personal needs, in order to speed up the process of data creation and modification. The most relevant contributions of the TERMCAT free-access terminology management tool are the following: • Organizing the information in conceptual files. • Including or deleting denominations, definitions, notes, contexts, observations and their attributes-grammatical category, range, linguistic hierarchy, source-in languages. • Consulting and modifying the properties of a dictionary-name, description, languages, ordering. • Creating, maintaining and consulting the concept structure of a dictionary. • Organizing the files in thematic or alphabetical order, and according to language. • Allowing search based on the combination of a wide range of criteria: denominations, definitions and notes; and also according to language, field structure, hierarchy, grammar category or source. • Consulting the alphabetical or thematic index of a dictionary. • Consulting the files by edition mode or consultation mode. • Importing and exporting a selection of files in several formats.
Session 5. Lexicography for Specialised Languages - Terminology and Terminography
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