Harvesting from One’s Own Field: A Study in Collocational Resonance

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorJanet DeCesaris, Geoffrey Williams
TitleHarvesting from One’s Own Field: A Study in Collocational Resonance
AbstractThis paper presents an initial study in the collocational resonance of three words: field, champ, and campo. Field and champ/campo do not share the same etymology, yet field displays sense extension that in some cases is parallel to that displayed by champ and campo. Collocational resonance posits that meaning associated with one context of use may be activated by speakers in another context, even though the original meaning context may fall into disuse in the language. To determine collocational resonance, the study considers both the historical development of senses as represented in dictionaries and the current behaviour of these words as represented in dictionaries and corpora. It is suggested that an approach to word meaning including prototypes and resonance can improve the representation of polysemy in dictionaries.
SessionPhraseology and Collocation
Keywordscollocational resonance; polysemy, metaphor
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