Il Dizionario Garzanti nel quadro della lessicografia italiana contemporanea

By November 17, 2016,
Page 587-598
Author Giuseppe Patota
Title Il Dizionario Garzanti nel quadro della lessicografia italiana contemporanea
Abstract Over the last fifteen years, Italian lexicography has achieved significant results in the field of historical as well as general dictionaries, thanks to the publication of outstanding works which provide the users with a wide range of information, both in paper and digital form, namely: phonemic transcriptions, etymological indications, the dating of the entries with the original occurrence, use frequency, phraseology, synonyms and antonyms, polyrematic units, grammatical notes. As they are specifically geared to provide surveys of written and spoken Italian based on real evidence, these works have come to be crucial methodological tools for knowledge not merely linguistic. The Dizionario Italiano Garzanti is to be placed within the framework of this 'new' lexicography. The dictionary, which from the beginning has featured clarity, accessibility, and comprehensiveness, has profoundly changed its scope over time, and its 2008 version can be regarded as the achievement of a longstanding commitment to language evolution. My paper will address the most significant transformations of the Dizionario by accounting for its developments in the context of the most recent history of Italian lexicography.
Session 2. The Dictionary-Making Process
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