In Praise of Simplicity: Lexicographic Lightweight Markup Language

Page 641-647
Author Vladimír Benko
Title In Praise of Simplicity: Lexicographic Lightweight Markup Language
Abstract Our paper presents a simple markup language – Lexicographic Lightweight Markup Language (LLML) that has been used for almost the last three decades in the framework of two dozen lexicographic projects carried out by our Institute, as well as in several projects carried out in co-operation with commercial dictionary publishers. While initially trying to solve the problem of insufficient computing power of early MS-DOS-based personal computers in early 1990’s only, LLML is even today the central component of lexicographic workstations our lexicographers work with. Central components of the LLML syntax are introduced and exemplified by a sample entry from the Dictionary of the Contemporary Slovak Language (SSSJ). The final part of the paper describes in short some components of the LLML-aware toolbox, i.e., programs that are used in our Institute during compilation, validation, proofreading and typesetting of the respective entries. Some of these tools, however, are just a “bonus”, and “low-cost” projects could do even without them.
Keywords lexicographic data representation, lightweight markup language, XML
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