Inclusión de los papeles semánticos de FrameNet en DiCE

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1393-1399
Author Sabela Prieto
Title Inclusión de los papeles semánticos de FrameNet en DiCE
Abstract The aim of our project is to enrich the actantial information of the Diccionario de Colocaciones del Español (DiCE) with labels about semantic roles. Since there are other projects which follow this line of research-such as FrameNet, we decided to include the existing information in the DICE. Although our database focuses on collocations, it also identifies their actants and it compiles a wide-ranging corpus of predicates with their arguments. Therefore, the entry for each lexical unit contains the proposicional form or argumental structure where a semantic description of the actants is given. For instance, in the entry for the noun ira we find: ira de individuo X contra individuo Y a causa del hecho Z. In this way, actants are also described semantically: ira is felt by a person against another person because of something. We are trying to add more semantical information to DICE, by linking the actants of each lemma with the core elements of the relating frame, the same as FrameNet does. Taking up again the same example, the noun anger is set into the frame "Emotion_directed" and it presents four core elements: experiencer, expressor, stimulus, topic. These nuclear elements can be related to the actants that appear in the DICE, giving the dictionary some detailed semantic information, regarding not only the lemma but also the elements relating to this lemma. This process of connection will allow us to label the corpus compiled in the DICE to make the most of the data.
Session 8. Phraseology and Collocation
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