Intégration de l’Information Stylistique dans le Dictionnaire Bilingue Spécialisé

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorPatrick Leroyer
TitleIntégration de l’Information Stylistique dans le Dictionnaire Bilingue Spécialisé
AbstractIntegration of stylistic information in bilingual technical dictionaries has long been a major desideratum, as translators also need stylistic information about how professional discourses are conventionaly realised. The lexicographic solution described in this paper is dedicated to satisfy stylistic information needs, and is compatible with the traditional terminological approach. It is realized by the lexicographic category of sentence examples as a sui generis category. First, the theoretical basis of the category will be outlined. The lexicographic encoding of the data will then be exemplified in the context of structural and functional dictionary integration. Finally, a number of new lexicographic rules will be stated for compilation of corpus, selection criteria and validation, lemmatization, treatment of collocation, article configuration, and distributional integration in and outside the macrostructrure.
SessionPoster Session
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