Intensifiers/moderators of verbal multiword expressions in Modern Greek

Page 163-169
Author Magda Mexa, Stella Markantonatou
Title Intensifiers/moderators of verbal multiword expressions in Modern Greek
Abstract We present a comprehensive view of the expression of degree modification of Modern Greek (MG) verbal multiword expressions (VMWEs) with the use of lexical elements that are not part of the VMWE. Our research draws on about 550 natural examples, retrieved from the web, for 63 VMWEs denoting ANGER, SURPRISE, AGONY, FRIGHT, ANXIETY and LOVE. Three general categories of modifiers of this type were recognized: (i) lexical elements that display intensifying or attenuating/mitigating functions as a result of grammaticalization or emphatic stress, (ii) the definite and indefinite article, intensifying ??? ‘and’ and, (iii) lexical elements expressing levels of gradable properties. The lexical elements in the first two categories seem to apply with a much wider VMWE population than (most of) the items of the group (iii) which is the only group of degree modifiers that seems to need to be recorded in a VMWE lexicon.
Session Lexicography and Corpus Linguistics
Keywords Verbal Multiword Expressions; degree modification; lexicography
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